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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PHAT Tuesday

To begin: I PASSED!!!!!! I'm bona fide!
OK, so on to what I have to say today for PHAT Tuesday...

  • I was trying to find some sort of catchy image for today...there is an alarming amount of images with that chic Kimora Lee Simons, the founder of the Baby Phat brand...I think if you look closely, she has a really weird neck!
  • I went home this past weekend chopped, split, hauled and stacked firewood for two days with my sister and brother-in-law and I am SORE but oh-so-glad to have helped out the grandparents, laughed and giggled with my sis, and spent some good time at Mom's homestead with the grandkids.

  • That new scale did come and it's in the downstairs bathroom and it seems to be telling the truth as ugly as it may look but if you look closely, my ticker has finally moved!! YAY! This scale is definitely sturdy and I don't worry that I'm gonna break it in a million pieces when I load myself on it.

  • I've been drinking alot of SlimFast shakes for breakfast because it is so hard to wake up and eat within 30 minutes like I'm supposed to, especially with two kids who DEMAND attention and food before anyone else even THINKS about eating. They don't taste too bad although I do find I am hungry in like one hour so that sucks.
  • For this week, my goal is to get on that infernal treadmill for at least 20 minutes every single day. It is still too blasted hot out to be going for walks and I'm just too much of a prima donna to be prancing around outside when it's in the 80's+
  • I still haven't bought soda in sufficient quantities that require storage at the house but have bought a bottle here and there...I like to think it's progress! I have been drinking more water and upping my fiber intake and that seems to be balancing out my innards better.
  • I haven't done measurements in a long time but that is on my to-do list in the next few days to see if there is any progress in that area

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  1. Yay Erica! I'm proud of you for many reasons, here are two: I'm proud you got your LPN... we KNEW you'd pass! And I'm sooo happy and excited that you lost almost 9 pounds! What an exciting feeling, eh?! Good job on the food changes, they're the hardest for me. Keep up the good work you power house you!