The "official" ticker!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let it begin! Let it BEGIN!!

Well, whaddya know, the first official post to my bloggy-blog...and its ALL your fault Nichole!! But I don't think you mind taking the blame for this one.

Essentially, I want this to be a diary of sorts, documenting my journey through the Badlands of weight loss...I'm sure I'll cry, whine, throw tantrums, question, procrastinate, and maybe even fall off the wagon a time or two. But the end goal? The cherry on top? The piece de la resistance? Being a much healthier, happier, and thinner momma, alive and well to pester her great grandkids.

As I sit here at my keyboard, contemplating life and all its funny things, I think about my past. Its all mine; the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Too long now, that past has kept a really firm chokehold on how I view myself today. I think it's about time to rid myself of all the fat, both physically and mentally, on the road to becoming...ONE PHAT MOMMA!!


  1. Oh yay! Thank you so much for all the flattery! :) Together we can do this and I'm SO PROUD of you for taking this first step. The hardest step. Knowing you have a problem and need to change it. You know my story and I know yours and together we can pester, prod, and love each other into the end results. Two beautiful PHAT mommies together!!!

  2. That's awesome! You're gonna make it! I need to lose a few extra pounds, too...but I am pretty stable and "chunky," no gaining no losing...ah, well, at least Cora doesn't mind looking at me.