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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week in review

So, I finally braved the wild and purposefully unknown today...I gave my hubby the sewing tape, prayed that one would be enough, and closed my eyes tight as he measured me from stem to stern. Thank goodness he is a loving man cuz anyone else would've dropped and run at the digits I pulled out of that tape measure! For now, I prefer to keep them top, TOP secret, only known to three people as of this writing. It's just too much for one momma to handle!

So, during my quest to find a funny pic to include in my blog post, I ran across some AMAZINGLY cool blog sites...I am not alone in this weight-loss healthy-gain journey! You are not alone! We are not alone! And I can't figure out how to link them either!! Perhaps next week when school is FINALLY done. I also saw some really neat little gadgets I would like for my own blog like a virtual model to visualize the "goal weight" as well a ticker of sorts to track the pounds lost.

So, for the review part:

  • I caved in and bought ONE, yes ONE bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper, my arch nemesis. It was kinda nice to just relish it, savoring every drop of the sweet nectar of the gods...
  • I haven't eaten this much fruit and veggies on a daily basis in years and already I am feeling better in the gut region...
  • Trying to up by daily fiber intake means that I might think about taking my wretched metformin again to try and keep my pancreas from acting out and pumping enough insulin out every minute to sink a battleship; overworking a pancreas can lead to complete meltdown and Type II diabetes. The problem has been that the metformin is BRUTAL on the innards and costly in the toilet paper department...
  • When I feel snacky, which is pretty much from when my eyes open in the morning to when they close at night, I've been reaching for the goods; watermelon, carrots, pineapple, cherries, water...
  • I have vowed to quit being so friggin' lazy about eating more fruits and veggies so when I buy them at the store, I prepare them when I get home, place in plastic ware, pop in the fridge, and they are ready-to-eat when the mood strikes...
  • I took a really BIG step in putting my measurements on paper...'nuff said!
Well, the kids are demolishing the place, dinner is but a few hours away, but so is bedtime!

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  1. Remember! You ARE allowed to treat yourself every once in awhile so that sweet lovin nectar is okay! :) I'm proud of you!!! You'll have to fill me in on some ticker/ gadget ideas! :)