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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

P.H.A.T. Tuesday

Tuesday doesn't get much attention...Thursday doesn't so much either, but Tuesday probably feels left out most of the time. So, I am formally adopting Tuesday as my day of inspiration; who knows what I may write about.

During my search for some sort of catchy image for this post, I discovered that phat also has some sort of cool/gang/baggy pants/rap kind of connotation...not really what I'm going for. I had always thought it meant "pretty hot 'n tempting" which isn't really what I'm going for either; who needs the attention and hassle of ANOTHER man! It would be nice, however, to feel healthier, slimmer, more active, more involved...and that my friends, IS pretty hot!


Well, lookee here, it's actually Wednesday! Never mind why this didn't get posted on the right day...

So, here are some random thoughts that flicked through my head on P.H.A.T. Tuesday;

  • Why does my 3-year old son have the energy to leap of the couch countless times but falls into a heap on the floor when asked to pick up his toys?
  • Can cutting out soda lead to GI upset? (basically, I'm spending ALOT of time with the toilet and pill popping anti-diarrheals...not a great way to live)
  • I did some research on walking and I mentioned before that I like charts...I did find one for newbies to a walking program that I will use
  • I also found a really neat gadget by Google that will calculate the distance your chosen route would be so it'll work whether you're walking, running, jogging, biking, etc...
  • Someday, I will own myself one of these beauties and me and Sidney will go cruising 'cuz Sid doesn't like them...

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  1. Yay for PHAT Tuesday! lol! ;) As to the stomach upset... are you eating MORE fiber/ whole wheat than normally? I know that when I started this "life-style" change I was ALWAYS on the toilet as well. It has since changed as my body adjusts. So proud of you future triathlon partner!!! :)