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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You don't HAFTA eat cardboard!

I think alot has changed since my Mom's old WW days eating liver and onions and trying every fat-free-which-equals-taste-free food known to man. I know that all the really good, fat-laden things are my favorite but that does NOT mean I have to compromise taste for health! I have made it a continuing goal to try new, healthful things a little bit at time, incorporating the things I enjoyed and could see myself eating more than once. Heck, I might even LIKE it!

Here's a new find I stumbled upon at Wally World a few days ago...I've been trying hard to increase my daily fiber intake and these looked like a doable option... crunchy, flavor (I've only tried the savory herb ones), fiber, decent portion size (90 cal for 17 crackers)...yup, that just might work! And surprise, surprise, they ARE tasty! I think they were around $2.50/box so not TOO bad and this time, I'm sticking to the serving size!

Up next is Fiber One peach tastes GREAT! Just likregular ole peach yogurt and in easy to handle little cups..too bad it's gone so fast! I usually have one for breakfast and some sort of fruit like a nectarine or cherries...ahhhh, I love summer for all the fruit! This is a little pricey for me but I'm trying to balance cost vs. benefit AND the fact that my kids aren't inhaling it in less than 5 seconds...

And here we have the dreaded Slim Fast line of products...frankly, I never see myself surviving on liquids alone and these never did stick around long enough to satisfy my hunger as they so loudly proclaim. What I do like is the taste, I don't have to lug out the blender, they are easy to slip in my cavernous purse if I have to run into town, or if I just want a change of pace for a meal. What I don't like is that my stupid fridge was set too cold and all the cans froze... another tasty treat from Slim Fast are these bars. I'm a sucker for Butterfingers and these babies come pretty darn close to that taste without making me feel like a slovenly pig AND they are in one serving size so I'm not tempted to think that King Size means one serving size! One word of caution though, they are rather crumbly so eat carefully!Wish me luck on my next shopping trip to the grocery store...perhaps I will find more tasty, healthy goodies to share!

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  1. Hey those food idea's do look good! Don't forget to add some more carbs OR protein to your breakfast.(How much protein/ carbs do you get in your yogurt? If less than 12 grams of protein I'd add some egg whites.) If you don't eat enough your body will go into starvation mode and that will just crap out your metabolism. Wheat thins serving size is 16 and I was actually directed to eat 25 (I did work up to it however!) So keep that in mind as well. :) I'm anxious to hear more about your yummy finds!